What is WASHI, Architectural Parchment? — Washi ( wah -shee) sheet is plant- based parchment made from sustainably harvested extra fine bark fiber and organic pigments. Our premium washi parchment is designed in NY and made in our studios by artisans who kept techniques for generations.

Hiro Odaira / Precious Pieces is a full-service design/fabrication/installation firm specializing in large, handcrafted, and unique washi parchment for interior and exterior design, in fusion with customized wood work, glass work, and drapery/screen work.

Washi, architectural parchment, brings ethereal beauty to any setting. Washi is made from a sustainable harvested inner white bark fiber. Instead of cutting tree in western method, these plant can be harvested repeatedly every year.

The works on Immediate are currently available in my studio for immediate dispatch. Other pieces can be commissioned and will usually take between 3-10 weeks.

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