Washi is made from a sustainable harvested inner white bark fiber, vegetable-based formation aid, and organic pigments. Instead of cutting trees in western paper making, these plants can be harvested repeatedly once a year. No binding agent or acid added.

kozo leaves and flowers

Biodegradability And Lifetime

Washi is entirely biodegradable materials and when planted in the ground or discard in the landfill, will safely break down into nutrient-rich organic matter and will last over 100 years with normal use. The oldest washi still exists in the region is approximately 1,200 years old.Upon your request recycled material can be added between 0-100%.The artisans have an exclusive contract with farmers who only use a bear minimum of chemicals, and employ manual cultivation.It is successfully produced washi without chemical utilization, and does not produce waste (zero emission).There is no other product like this in the world.

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