Experience Washi, Architectural Parchment Washi for Interiors(Tapestry, Lighting Wall hanging etc…)

Hiro Odaira

Hiro Odaira, the creator of Washi Art, which is made from a premium sustainable harvested plant fiber and presents an ethereal beauty to any setting for your featured walls, screens, doors, tables, amongst others.His work is entirely handcrafted based upon 500-year-old traditional techniques preferred by the Emperors of Japan. However, his traditional methods of applying Washi uses Washi as media. The approach of the artwork is extremely unique due to its flexibility and ability to work in concert with various types of surroundings and projects. Washi media encompasses the client’s outlook and input of color schemes, dimensions, textures,patterns and any other specifications. The artwork is all-natural with no added acids or chemicals, and produces no emissions. The pigments consist of natural dyes, stone, and/or tanninjuice, very occasionally metal powder is used.

Artist Statement

After the shocking events of 9.11, I strongly sensed that people were seeking something that would bring peacefulness to their lives, and so I came up with the idea of incorporating Washi paper into design as a means of creating a visually calming place in which to live.

The Japanese have used paper for hundreds of years for many purposes. Paper was originally created as a record keeping media on the continent and then brought cross the ocean to Japan. Once it reached Japan, the Japanese quickly realized paper’s full potential and reimagined it as a building material. For over 500 years, paper has been put to use in interiors and exteriors for doors, partitions, room dividers, lampshades, wall coverings, scrolls, as well as fans, umbrellas, and clothing. Japanese houses were literally made with wood and paper.

My washi art for doors and Japanese traditional fusuma doors have a number of similarities. They use continuous patterns throughout the doors and create a mural. In addition, closet doors can transform ordinary storage space into a private gallery. Living with washi is embodying art and craft. It affects your mind and life style. Illuminated washi gives you the same dramatic feeling as paper lamp shades.

People in New York have gradually come to understand and appreciate the beauty and value of interiors infused with Washi. I believe that the right living environment can imbue your mind with a soothing sense of well-being and that, through the medium of Washi, I can create serene spaces that heal your life.

The Artist

Hiro Odaira

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