Glass Laminated Washi / Doors & Sliding Panels

Seseragi (river flow)

Hiro Odaira/ Precious Pieces created a prestigious Japanese-style tatami floor room in the Ritz-Carlton, Westchester. The room consists of continuous patterns on four magnificent art-washi sliding doors, custom washi ceiling light, luxurious washi wall coverings, and made-to-order tatami mats. This art-washi parchment is placed in between reinforced glass with handcrafted solid walnut frames to protect from wear and tear. The unique translucency of Washi parchment, allowing natural soft light to filter through, gives the calm and relaxing ambiance to the room.

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private residence, NY / 24″ x 84″ EA / plant fiber, reinforced glass, wood, metal, mixed media / 2013

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